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This week I have a special guest on the show for a cup of tea and a chat about natural remedies and skincare with Amanda Cook from Vintage Amanda. We have a lovely chat about some super simple items from the kitchen cupboard you can use as highly effective beauty products. Be prepared for some surprises! Some of the links mentioned in the episode are: Vintage Amanda Honey Face Mask Coconut Lime Deodorant Facial Oil Rituals vs Routines Kale - Thyroid Connection  
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Happy Valentine's Day! Mwah Mwah!! Feeling soggy here in the UK right now... but never soppy. We talk about how much we love Ravelry….this heart shaped icon for Valentines day is just one of the many reasons why! Thank you for all the suggestions for finding more time to knit and colorwork resources, following on from last week's episode. Following your recommendations, I've signed up to do Sunne Myer's Stranded Colourwork Class on Craftsy*. I will report back on progress! Source: What's in the WIP? Follow your Arrow by Ysolda Teague. I said on the podcast I had finished clue 2 but I have just realised I'm only halfway through! I have only done one out of two repeats! I also planned and knit some fingerless mitts for my beginners knitting workshop on Tuesday night. I ended up adapting Paula's Mildred Mitts pattern to Aran weight yarbbecause the lovely folks at Rowan sponsored my Knitting 101 workshop and sent us some beautiful Rowan Aran 100% wool for my Brand Amplifier brigade. Londontown Brixton Village and Brixton Market Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant OMG checkout this video clip - more like a trip down Memory Lane (if you're a child ..ahem, teen...of the 80's like me that is!!). Knitting at Seven at Brixton tapas and cocktail bar.   Events Unravel - Next weekend - 21-23 February 2014 Curious Handmade Group on Ravelry - join the group and help us get to 1000 members so we can have a big party!! Have a lovely week. * I am a Craftsy Affiliate which means if you purchase a class from Craftsy after clicking on this link I will receive a commission. I want you to know I really appreciate it, so thank you so much if you do this.
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I've been stuck at home a lot this week as it just keeps on raining here. We're all experiencing a bit of cabin fever. I'm having a nice cup of tea and digestive biscuit. Today's segments include What's in the WIP? and a slightly tonge in cheek but mostly serious 10,000 Hours. What's in the WIP? Follow Your Arrow KAL by Ysolda Teague. I've finally finished clue 1! I made a cute pompom had in Rowan Big Wool for beginners. I'm stalking the PomPom Quarterly Spring 2014 magazine patterns. I'm also practicing my colour work skills. Let me know if you have any good resources or YouTube video to help learn how to do colour work. 10,000 Hours I share my top 10 tips on how to find more time to knit! Anthology Magazine Issue No. 12, Summer 2013 Home Is Where the Art Is My Memorable Quotes Pinterest board. Wrap up Join in the Dream Big Knitalong on the Curious Handmade Ravelry board. (Tip - listen to the episode for a discount code on the Dream Big collection or for the Frangipani Shawl). Happy 2nd Birthday to Gayle and Sharlene at the Yarniacs Podcast.
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