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Today I’m talking about what’s in the WIP including starting my Aislinn sweater project, the launch of my new design Fireflies Rising and a wander around some Parisian yarn shops. I'm HellsBells on Ravelry and CuriousHandmade  on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl by Paula E-F is a very popular way to use up leftover yarn. What's in the WIP I'm working on Aislinn by Amy Herzog - my Aislinn project page on Ravelry I enjoyed learning how to do a tubular cast on and am enjoying this knit. The yarn is lovely and the pattern is very clear. I'm nearly ready to release my latest design for the Dream Big Collection. It is a crescent shaped shawl called Fireflies Rising which was inspired by the feeling of spring in the air. The name is a reference to a lovely poem called A Cold Spring by Elizabeth Bishop. The construction is created by increases on each side of the shawl rather than short rows. If you would like to know when it is being released and to get an exclusive coupon code for the pattern, please join my newsletter (you'll also get a free Curious Handmade pattern too!). If you would like to snap up some Juno Alice 4ply yarn for either Fireflies Rising (you need one skein) or Frangipani Shawl (you need two skeins) you can buy it on the Juno Fibre Arts Etsy shop. There is still a little bit left as I write this including some Corn Dolly yellow for Frangipani. A virtual tour of some Paris Yarn shops Last summer Mum and I did a tour of Paris yarn shops with Barbara from Stitching up Paris. La Drogeurie Lil Weasel Les Petits Points Parisiens Photos of my purchases to follow soon! Have a look at my May 2014 Paris Trip and video  Join the Curious Handmade Ravelry Group Don't forget to play the Instagram game and tag me on a photo of where you are listening to the podcast with curious handmadepodcast hashtag or what you're knitting.
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Today I’m talking about what’s in the WIP including starting my sweater project, the simple life and events. Welcome to new members to the Curious Handmade Ravelry group and thank you to farfromharmfarm, techknit and firebrand55 for introducing themselves on the group. I also announce the winners of the London Underground Tea Towel giveaway from Episode 18. What's in the WIP? Designing a shawlette The March pattern for the Dream Big collection is coming along nicely. I'm designing a spring influenced shawlette in Juno Fibre Arts Alice 4ply. Juno Fibre Arts is having a big shop update of some stunning Alice 4ply on Thursday 27 March. I'm honoured that Asti from JFA has written a beautiful post  about my latest design, the Frangipani Shawl and gives some gorgeous suggestions for colour combinations for the shawl (I thought it was 21 March so I mention the wrong date in the episode but you will have more time to have a look so its all good!) Juno Alice 4ply in Boudoir and Potpourri || Image credit: Juno Fibre Arts Self Indulgent Sweater for Squam I'm knitting  Aislinn  by Amy Herzog for my next sweater project. I talk about preparing to start the project, choosing the best size to knit, knitting a gauge swatch. Question for this week is do you swatch and what motivates you to swatch? I refer to Amy's book Knit to Flatter and her companion Craftsy Knit to Flatter course. The Simple Life I did a bit of decluttering in the stash and wonder what you do with your left over yarn from projects?? Events There are exciting plans afoot for a podcaster meetup at new UK yarn event Unwind Brighton in July I've posted details about my Paris for Yarn Lovers trip in May and please have a look at the video in the post. I'm ridiculously pleased with it! And A Game! Join in the Virtual Curious Knitting group on Instagram. Post a photo of where you are listening or what you are knitting while listening to the podcast and tag your photo with CuriousHandmade and add #curioushandmadepodcast in the caption. (You will need to download the Instagram app on your phone and join up if you haven't already)
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  Spring and magic is in the air in London this week! I'm planning my self indulgent sweater for Squam and starting a knit along to chat about it. What's in the WIP? This week I'm talking about deciding on my self indulgent sweater for Squam. You can have a look at the main contenders on my Sweater Pinterest board. Some past sweater efforts Moonlight by Kim Hargreaves and my Moonlight project page (Rav link) Dusk by Kim Hargreaves and my Dusk project page (Rav link) Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky and my CPH project page (Rav link) Buttony Sweater by Katie Marcus (I just saw Katie has a fab sewing blog too ) and my Buttony project I've decided to knit Aislinn by Amy Herzog. I talk about Amy's excellent Knit to Flatter book and her Knit to Flatter Craftsy course: UK Amazon link:  Knit to Flatter US Amazon link: Knit to Flatter Amy's Knit to Flatter course on Craftsy is great and is currently on sale at 35% off!! Do you like knitting sweaters? How do you choose what sweater pattern to knit?
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Its a sunny day in London and the magnolia tree is about to explode into bloom. There is optimism and joy in the air. Its been a rollercoaster week with a sick kid, a awards ceremony and some knitting ups and downs. Thank you to everyone for listening, joining in the conversation on the Curious Handmade Ravelry Board and to the new members who have introduced themselves. LondonTown Brand Amplifier Awards ceremony I mention a few of my lovely fellow finalists and winners: Magpie Haberdashery, Van Girls, Thinking Bob, Archie Mac London, Nalla Skincare, Rose Fullbright, Vicki's Kitchen Whats in the WIP? Design Fail - the Feburary Dream Big design was behaving badly. My new free easy Bobble Hat Pattern for beginner knitters A Curious Handmade Giveaway So …….we're having a giveaway instead! It is a well known fact that when things are going wrong, the best thing to do is sit down and have a lovely cup of tea. With that theme in mind I will be sending two listeners a London Underground tea towel. Here they are here: Aren't they fun?! To enter the giveaway leave a comment on the blog or on the Curious Handmade Ravelry group by Sunday 16 March, and let me know what problems stop you from finishing your knitting projects? The Simple Life I tried out the Honey Mask recommended by Vintage Amanda and really liked it. Events Look out for the details of my Paris for Yarn Lovers trip. In the Marais district of Paris on 15-18 May 2014.
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This week is a short update. I was on holidays with my family in France and thought I'd quickly update you on a couple of things rather than miss an episode. What's in the WIP? The February pattern for Dream Big is running a little late but is coming along nicely. It's going to be an infinity scarf in Erika Knight's Vintage Wool Aran. The shades I'm using are #09 drizzle and #33 gorgeous (darling!). I've also made some hats for the girls in Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky (50% alpaca, 50% wool). I'm also organising a yarn lover's tour of Paris with Barbara from Stitching up Paris on 16-17 May 2014.  
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